How to build a desk with a hidden monitor lift


When your close friends (or worse, your mother and dad) are disappointed and recognize that you have browsed some suspicious websites, have you ever found yourself in an awkward position? No one is sure to like it, just like no one would want an unauthorized person to read his/her secret e-mail or snoop on research that is sure to change the world. After all, everyone is eligible for some personal privacy. If you wish to avoid these embarrassing minutes, after you stay in astonishing demand, a gadget can certainly create a display that disappears in an instant eye–a hidden computer system display elevator.

With hidden monitor
Desk lift desks often litter everywhere. Records, folders, books, and all kinds of utensils from coffee cups to luckiest toys are all messed up. However, when a computer appeared in addition to it, the need for more desktop space became more urgent.

Making the system units invisible (in the table below) has always been a temporary measure that can only temporarily minimize the need for area. As more personal effects eroded the remaining uninhabited space, the problem of monitors gradually surfaced. Leading advantage. Hidden desk lift is an excellent ergonomics solution, in addition to turning your house, office or classroom into a high-level office, it will also earn you more desk space. Jack Robinson is portable and quiet, the device will hide your display so you can make statements.

How does it work?
As the name suggests, a desk with a hidden screen lifter has a mechanism that allows the display to slide down under the desk when it is not needed, and reappear at your command. The mechanism is essentially a mechanical drive system that allows the screen to slide down into a special compartment inside the table (in some cases, the space is large enough to accommodate a keyboard and computer mouse). As a typical computer system meter, these workstations are allocated house wires and wiring, and sometimes even with power outlets.

Having such a workbench will undoubtedly help you protect the screen from any form of damage, especially if some children often pass by. Another advantage of it is related to health. Considering that you can re-adjust the height of the screen to make it comfortable, it will definitely stop or relieve the pain in your back and neck, which may be caused by sitting in front of the computer for a long time.

Photo of a person sitting at a laptop

In addition, for people, reviewing your expensive workbench will swallow your computer system, and it will definitely take more than 9 days.

You can buy ready-made desks made of different materials (from wood to solidified glass), but you can install or build an electric monitor lift in your current desk.

Parts required
For anyone willing to work hard, constructing a concealed screen lifting device is not so difficult. If your fingers are mobile and can handle glue and screwdrivers, then the task of developing your own device will certainly not exceed your head. The materials and parts you are most likely to need are suitable for your budget because you don’t need a lot of electronic equipment. To install an electric curtain lifter on your desk, you need to obtain a few planks, multiple placement brackets and idler pulley blocks, 2 threaded steel rods and two round bearings, a load screw and nut, and Timing belt

You can buy each of them at your local hardware store. When it comes to equipment, you usually use the equipment you need for any standard work related to your house, so of course puzzles and drilling are possible. Of course, if the elevator is to be mechanized, it is unavoidable without electric motors and/or linear actuators.

Actuator to use
You can buy a basic electric motor, but a better alternative is definitely a linear actuator. This is an electric tool that includes a low-voltage DC motor, which directly converts rotational activity into pushing and pulling. Powerful direct actuators can be used in small tools that require training and lowering functions, so that unlimited adjustability can be achieved in settings and controls. More importantly, the design of some direct actuators can be customized according to your requirements. Customized alternatives include size, stroke and voltage. And you can also add responsive controls.

Overview of using Surprise Monitor Lift to develop Workdesk
Do you have everything you need to start working? After that, you are about to enter the edge of “Do it yourself world”, the conquest of it will not be determined by the materials and equipment you use, but it depends on your workmanship, which cannot be purchased in any way. However, if you have some of them, you can definitely turn your stress computer system workbench into an excellent, craftsman-like work, which will surely surprise your best friends. Also, it won’t make a hole in your pocket.

The standard method of putting the concealed screen lift on the desk is:

Develop a wooden flat base, on which you will definitely install a linear actuator. You should pay attention to its motor speed and don’t let the monitor jump up.

After the base is firm, you need to drill two holes at both ends, and the threaded metal rod will pass through the holes to provide up and down movement of the display system.

The pole must be fixed with ball bearings and screws.

Then, wrap the timing belt around the screw and motor.

The wooden system should be maintained with screws at the other end of the rod.

To prevent the structure from shaking, the four right-angled aluminum bars are connected at a system angle.

When the system is in the highest and cheapest position, by pressing the two buttons, you will ensure that the system will never break off the threaded rod and exit the position you want.

Then, swipe down on the screen and place a plank on the desk in its standing area, and voila-you have created a super cool design miracle!

The conception of the workbench of the hidden screen elevator
When you truly understand the basic elements that turn the workbench into the gizmo of the future, any surprising display lift concept will make it a breeze for you. You can start with less complicated work, and then move on to more complicated and luxurious work. Just remember that this is the most difficult first step.

With all the techniques we like today, being able to build things in our own houses with our own hands is still extraordinary. These points are especially fascinating when combined with modern high-tech equipment. A smart do-it-yourself thing that can bring surprises to your computer system desk. Display lifts. You can free up some areas on the messy workbench by yourself, and you can also add to the small furniture Some knowledge.

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