Dining Chair Styles Guide: Choosing A Seat To Match Your Style

The banquet season is here, this is a great excuse to create a dining room for holiday guests! The dining table is the core of the dining room. How do you hold a banquet without a dining table? It is precisely because the dining table is the core, so its price is very expensive, so you can not often change the table, but if you are a little uncomfortable with the dining room, then please do not worry. You can still make a lot of changes, you can completely refresh your appearance.

Our favorite start is your dining chair. You might think that the table and chair are a set. If the table cannot be changed, the chair cannot be changed, but this is not the case. To prove this, we will design this farm table with 9 different dining chair styles to show you various possibilities. Read on to learn how to choose the right seat to match your style.


Traditional style

If you want to maintain a traditional look in the dining room, then you have to match it with a farmhouse chair, just like Shaker Style or Windsor chairs. The slatted back and spindle-shaped legs evoke the early design style and give your space a traditional style.

We like the simplified design of Beldan Lane. The chair is made of metal, so it is durable and easy to clean. If your home is prone to mess and soiling, it is perfect! Moreover, the metal is in sharp contrast with the solid wooden dining table, adding a touch of flavor. All in all, it creates a perfect balance between tradition and countryside, while also having industrial advantages. It is a good choice.

modern style

Don’t be afraid of contrast in carefully matching the modern style, pull up the modern style dining chair. Here, we use some Parsons chairs to design the table style. The names of these chairs come from the Parsons School of Design in Paris.

This chair is stylish, simple, high-back, sturdy, padded seat and no armrest design. This is a more modern design, very suitable for mid-century or modern interior decoration. The streamlined shape can be used with any style of interior decoration and dining table, including country style!

We like to pair it with this rustic farmhouse table for an interesting mix of old and new. In addition, the ventilated spindle legs make the design feel light and can perfectly balance the weight of the workbench. Seats with cushions will definitely add extra comfort, but they are also easier to get dirty, so choose dark fabrics or be extra careful when handling these chairs.

Mid-century modern style
The Wishbone chair is a hallmark of mid-century modern design and can be perfectly matched with rustic farmhouse dining tables. This chair was originally designed by Danish designer Hans Wegner in 1949, because he was inspired by the chair form of the Ming Dynasty. This style chair has a curved wooden frame and a woven rope seat designed to support the body and provide comfort and support. The smooth shape perfectly blends traditional design with modern form.

Among the current design choices of dining room chairs, the wishbone chair has recently become popular in the design world and is known for its use in modern and rustic interior decoration. We like the contrast between traditional farmhouse tables and the curved shapes and natural texture seats of this modern dining chair style.

Exquisite country style

If you want a refined, rustic tea, then this pair of Bentwood and sofa chairs will be your ideal dining room combination. Interestingly, Bentwood is one of the most popular dining chair styles ever. It is called the Thonet chair because Michael Thonet perfected the process of making a chair out of curved wood in the mid-1830s. They are beginning to be mass-produced and are often super affordable in terms of prices, which is why they are so popular in cafes.

These chairs are made of curved wooden frames (you guessed it!) that are lightweight, durable and so elegantly designed. Some contemporary designs use metal options to make this traditional style more industrial. In this dining room, replacing the end chairs with folding chairs can make the chairs look more beautiful. This is also very useful for families whose parents want more unique seats at each end of the table.

For the chic style of the farmhouse

This style of chair is mainly due to its classic design, the cross-back dining chair is destined to be timeless. It is a close relative of the Bentwood chair. It is also made of a curved wooden frame with a metal or wooden X back support, followed by a rattan or linen upholstered seat.

The relationship between this chair and the cafe is also very closely related, because they were originally used in French bistros in the 20th century. Here, they perfectly complement the farmhouse dining table, making the overall look of classical country-style design. They add a touch of sophistication to a sturdy table, which is a great choice if you want a traditional style and a retro atmosphere. Usually, they are more affordable chair types, and usually appear in pairs. If you need a lot of seats, this is a very good choice!

For the classic form style

These sophisticated and elegant sofa chairs are ideal for classic and formal styles. Non-slip dining chairs are the first choice for formal dining spaces and can add a touch of elegance to any room.

They are usually made of lighter materials, so if your child is easy to move around, they are not the best choice for families. Fortunately, you can find chairs with removable sofa covers, which make it very easy to throw dirty quilts into the washing machine.

We hope to match these styles of chairs with wooden stools to make the atmosphere more relaxing and improve family friendliness. In this way, the overall style will be more classic, with exquisite polished simplicity.


For modern country style

If you like modern country style, then please consider using some Campaign style chairs. This kind of furniture gained popularity during its prevalence in Britain. Military personnel engaged in long battles (hence the name) needed portable furniture, so the company began to make parts that were strong and easy to disassemble, transport, and reassemble. Most are made of wood and leather, and it is still a popular design style today. The overall appearance is the best modern country style.

Although these leather upholstered chairs are not damaged, they still have an iconic sporty style. Their woven back and curved wooden frame will add personality, warmth and style to any space.

With the farmer’s table, it creates a perfect modern farmer’s atmosphere. Keep in mind that leather is a more expensive alternative to fabric decoration, but it can be more durable and easier to clean-and it looks extra stylish in any room.

For the classic bistro style

The classic tavern-style chair is woven from rattan and wicker, with a checkered design and a variety of colors to choose from. It is a landmark of French outdoor cafes, and you can easily bring the classic bistro look into the restaurant.

These chairs are light and easy to move, so they are very suitable for indoor and outdoor dining spaces. These materials add texture and are stronger in terms of durability. If you want a more refined rustic style with the charm of a cafe, then the bistro chair is a good choice.

Eclectic simplicity

For the main texture in your space, consider adding a set of woven dining chairs. The soft, tough and richly textured material is very suitable for the eclectic minimalist style. Rattan and weathered wood have a natural texture and can work together perfectly to create a super rural and fresh space.

In order to make the beautiful natural texture of chairs and tables capable of most conversations, we prefer to choose a quieter chair shape, such as this smooth and smooth form.

The effect of different dining chairs with dining table is different, and the feeling is different. These 9 different dining chair styles are the most common collocations at the moment. If you like, you can choose one that suits your style. The dining chair serves as a match for your own dining table.

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