4 Ways Single Moms Can Defeat Overwhelm

by Renee Woodford July 14, 2019 4 min read

4 Ways Single Moms Can Defeat Overwhelm

Are you a single mom struggling to keep your world from spinning out of control?

I felt like a failure. 

As a single mom of three children under age 10, I had no energy to take care of myself.  My kids were starved of the attention they needed.  I couldn't see past my mountain of debt.  I felt hopeless.  I felt like a failure.

God redeemed me from these very difficult circumstances, and has called me to help women who are going through that now.  Perhaps I can help you.

1. Are you struggling to take care of yourself?

2. Is it difficult to be present for your children?

3. Do you feel overwhelmed with your finances?

4. Do you need support?

Read on to see how God pulled me through, and how He can do the same for you.

1. Are you struggling to take care of yourself?

I suffered from the biggest load of guilt and overwhelm which led to debilitating depression.  I lay on the couch from morning till night sleeping through my worries and bills, letting the kids fend for themselves at times.  I did the bare minimum to keep them alive, but the world kept spinning and the demands became louder. 

My life's purpose - sleeping woman

God pulled me out by giving me a loving friend to open the blinds and make me go for walks.  I went to a doctor for the physical depression and began to think clearly again to tackle issues one by one.  I asked the women's group at church to pray for me.

If this sounds familiar, reach out to friends and family who will understand.  Ask them to check on you.  Ask them to come over and open the blinds.  Ask them to take you out for walks.  You won't feel like asking them but do it anyway. 

My life's purpose - support for single moms

I can only speak from my own experience but if you think you may have physical depression, seek medical advice and prayer.  Do not listen to satan who whispers in your ear that you shouldn't need to see a doctor, you should just handle it on your own.  It's a lie!  Depression is a physical and chemical illness and a difficult cycle to pull out of without emotional and medical support and prayer. 

My life's purpose - women praying

2. Is it difficult to be present for your children?

My children were practically orphans during the time I suffered from depression as a single mom.  They wanted my attention but I was too drained to lift a finger. 

As God pulled me out of it I tried small things to make up for time lost with them.  One of my daughters' fondest memories was playing dress up together.   We pulled all my dressy clothes out of the closet and put on jewelry and shoes and just goofed around.  I had no idea that a moment that seemed insignificant to me was a treasured memory for my girls.

Even if you don't suffer from depression, the demands on a single mom's time are so overwhelming you are just trying to keep spinning plates from falling.  I promise that the relatively short amount of time you take playing dress up with your daughter will pay back ten-fold in your relationship with her.

Dressing up with your daughters

If you have boys, have a water balloon fight.  Make a fort in the living room.  Play super hero and let him save you.  Find creative ways to be fully present and you will build memories that impact them for a lifetime.

Playing water balloons with your kids

3. Do you feel overwhelmed with your finances?

My bills loomed large in my mind and my mailbox.  They outweighed my income by a very large margin.  I felt like a failure for letting things get out of control and putting my family in debt.  

Overdue bills

God showed me the truth in His word that if I seek Him first, He will take care of me and my kids.  I sought counsel from the church and discovered Dave Ramsey.   I developed a strategy to tackle the debt and finally felt free from the guilt brought on by creditors' demeaning phone calls.

Can you relate?  Check out Dave Ramsey's radio show and website.  You will hear him talk with people including single moms who climbed out of debt with very little income.  You can do it too!

Dave Ramsey's Baby Steps to Financial Peace

4. Do you need support?

Are you a single mom?  What are the issues you struggle with the most? 

Please comment below or send an email to renee@hiddenblessingsdecor.com and I will be honored to pray for you and consider your challenges (anonymously) as God and I form this ministry with YOU in mind.

I am praying this verse over you as a promise of God's good plan for you!

"She is clothed with strength and dignity.  She can laugh at the days to come." Proverbs 31:25 NIV 



P.S.  Do you relate to the issues I mentioned but question God's goodness in all of this?  This book will help you see the truth of His goodness!  

Is God Really as Good as He Says He Is?  by Sarah Eisler 


Renee Woodford
Renee Woodford

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