10 Best Gift Ideas for Christian Women

by Renee Woodford September 13, 2019 4 min read

10 Best Gift Ideas for Christian Women

She's your inspiration and you love her beyond measure.  Now you need to find the perfect Christian gift that will show her how much you care, but she already has everything.  Or she humbly says she doesn't need a gift or, "All I need is your love." 

Christian Coffee Mug with Christmas Gift and Bible Verse | Hidden Blessings

Christian Coffee Mugs with Christmas Gift and John 3:16 Hidden Bible Verse

No, that won't do.  You want to bless her but how?  Send her a Christian gift with a Bible verse hidden the design!  Choose from journals, prayer boxes, cell phone covers, tote bags, and more.  Your thoughtfulness will be met with "I can't believe you bought this for me, you are amazing!"

1. Christian Christmas Gifts for Women

Do you have a Christian woman in your life that is difficult to buy for?  This collection will help!  These holiday-themed gifts will light up her Christmas with God's Word.  All items in this collection have a Bible verse hidden in the Christmas design!  She will know you put a lot of thought into buying her Christmas gift and she will treasure it all year.

Christian Christmas Gifts for Women | Hidden Blessings 

Christian Mug with Christmas Lights | Hidden Blessings

Christian Mug with Christmas Lights and Isaiah 9:6 NIV

2. Christian Journals

 Many women love to journal about biblical concepts they are learning in church or they will write their prayers out in a notebook to refer to later when God answers them.  Journaling is often a calming activity that helps to relieve the stress of the day by getting feelings down on paper. 

These journals transform a notebook into a place to store cherished memories and answered prayers.  Every design on the cover contains a hidden Bible verse, specially chosen for its encouraging message.  Click here to see the entire collection:

Shop Christian Journals with Bible Verses

Christian Journals with Bible Verse 

 Christian Journal Notebook with Purple Tulips and John 3:16

3. Prayer Boxes

A Christian keepsake prayer box will give her a beautiful place to store her prayer requests.  She is building a legacy as she prays for her family and friends.  That legacy can be stored and passed on in this polished wood and ceramic prayer box.  Prayer boxes also come with a free prayer cards download.  She can write her prayer request on the front of the card, then the answer on the back!  Click here to see the collection:

Keepsake Prayer Boxes with Hidden Bible Verse

Keepsake Prayer Box with Hidden Bible Verse | Hidden Blessings

 Prayer Box with Got Jesus Green Owl and John 3:16 Hidden Bible Verse

 4. Coffee Mugs with Hidden Bible Verses

Her morning cup of coffee can become a morning encounter with God's Word.  Help her start her day with an encouraging Bible verse hidden in the design on these extra large 15oz coffee mugs.  Save money when you buy more than one!

Shop Christian Coffee Mugs with Scripture


Christian Coffee Mugs with Bible Verses

Boston Terrier with Christmas Hat and Hidden Bible Verse Isaiah 9:6 NIV

5. Cork-Backed Coasters

Is your super-woman great at entertaining?  She will appreciate having coasters that match the coffee mugs!  These premium coasters have a cork backing that protects furniture and the top showcases Bible verses hidden in a cute design.  They are another fun way to share Jesus with her family and friends.  Shop coasters here:

 Shop Coasters with Bible Verses

Shop Coasters with Hidden Bible Verses | Hidden Blessings


Set of 4 Coasters with Boston Terrier and Christmas Hat with Isaiah 9:6 Hidden Bible Verse

6. Cell Phone Covers with Christian Designs

She has her phone with her all the time anyway, right??  With these fun cell phone covers she will think of you every time she picks it up, and be reminded of how much God really loves her because there is a Bible verse hidden in the design.  Available for Android and Apple phones, you can choose from the sleek thin snap case or the thin, durable tough case.  Shop cell phone covers here:

Christian Cell Phone Covers by Hidden Blessings

Cell Phone Case with Bible Verse

 Cell Phone Cover with Purple Tulips and John 3:16

7. Tote Bags with Christian Inspirational Designs

She's carrying her Bible, journal, wallet, pen, lipstick, the kitchen sink...why not give her a colorful tote bag with a fun design and hidden Bible verse to show off to her friends at church?   She will thank you for helping her end the juggling nightmare while trying to shake hands and give hugs at church.  Shop tote bags here:

Tote bag with Christian cross and hidden Bible verse

Christian Tote Bag with Hidden Bible Verse by Hidden Blessings

 Christian Tote Bag with Buffalo Check Cross and John 3:16-17 Hidden Bible Verse

8. Animal Themed Gifts for Christian Women

Does she love animals?  She will fall in love these adorable animals in this collection!  These animals are extra special since they all have a Bible verse hidden in the design.  Shop all animal items here:

Animal Designs with Hidden Bible Verses by Hidden Blessings

Christian Coffee Mug with Hidden Bible Verse | Hidden Blessings


 Purple Owl with "Need Wisdom" and James 1:5 Hidden Bible Verse

9. Donut Worry Design with Scripture

Donuts are a girl's best friend.  This one is anyway!  She'll love this colorful pink "Donut Worry" design for two reasons:

1. It's calorie free

2. It has a Bible verse hidden in the donut.  Do you see it?

Shop Donut Worry products here:

Christian Donut Worry with Scripture by Hidden Blessings

Donut Worry Christian Journal with Hidden Bible Verse by Hidden Blessings

 Donut Worry Design on Christian Notebook with Hidden Bible Verse Matthew 6:33

10. Cactus Designs with Scripture

Cactus designs are so fun, and these are very special because God's Word is hidden in each cactus!  If she loves cactus plants she will love these succulent creations, complete with inspirational scripture.  Shop cactus products here:

Cactus Products with Hidden Bible Verses by Hidden Blessings

Cactus Cell Phone Cover by Hidden Blessings

 Cell Phone Cover with Cactus Design and Romans 8:28 Hidden Bible Verse

11.  BONUS!  Greeting Cards with Bible Verses

This one is for you!  Now you can take care of sending Christmas cards to your entire list, and glorify God when you send them!  Every set of Christian greeting cards has a Bible verse hidden in the design.  You can also save by buying in bulk!

Shop Christian Greeting Cards with Hidden Bible Verses | Hidden Blessings

 Christian Greeting Cards | Hidden Blessings

 Christian Christmas Card with String Lights and Isaiah 9:6 NIV

Christian Gifts for Any Occasion

Now you have one place to go to shop for all the Christian women in your life!  These are perfect for bridal showers, weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, Christmas, baptisms, housewarming or just to show you're thinking of her.  Now that your shopping list is covered, what will you do with all your free time??

Blessings to you!


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