Terrazzo Tile Pattern - Not Just for Floors Anymore

by Renee Woodford December 07, 2018 2 min read

Terrazzo tile pattern from House Beautiful

The Terrazzo Tile Pattern is Back and More Versatile than Ever!

Are you in love with art/deco patterns?  Terrazzo adds a colorful, imperfect, non-symmetrical pattern to almost any home decor theme, typically midcentury modern and contemporary.  The color possibilities are endless!  Terrazzo has been around longer than you think.  How did it become so popular, and how can you incorporate it into your everyday life?

History of Terrazzo

“Terrazzo” (the Italian word for terrace) came from Venice Italy over 500 years ago where stone and marble masons would throw chips of leftover marble into a clay mortar and smooth it out for a walkable surface.   It has transformed over the years as technology has progressed and became very popular in the 1920’s.  You will see terrazzo flooring in many of the monumental buildings in New York and Washington, DC, even George Washington’s home in Mt. Vernon, VA.  http://terrazzorestorationblog.com/the_history_of_terrazzo


Terrazzo Tile Pattern - Not Just for Floors Anymore_terrazzo grinders


Lighter, more flexible and more reliable materials were used throughout the years, and popularity continued to grow.  In 1958 the Hollywood Walk of Fame featured a terrazzo finish to the stars designed with actors’ names.


Terrazzo Tile Pattern - Not Just for Floors Anymore_Hollywood Walk of Fame


By the 1960’s - 70’s terrazzo was everywhere as flooring and tile. 

Terrazzo Tile Pattern - Not Just for Floors Anymore_kids playing on terrazzo flor


Terrazzo as an Art Deco Pattern

Terrazzo can be found everywhere now, even in fabrics.  This art deco pattern can be reproduced digitally and printed on wallpaper, lampshades, rugs, curtains, and pillow covers, so the design and color possibilities are endless!  The terrazzo pattern has also been referred to as “mosaic”, “speckled”, or “confetti”, and the color combinations are infinite, making it a perfect replacement for the recent marble pattern trend.  According to House Beautiful, terrazzo has come on strong in 2018 (https://www.housebeautiful.com/uk/decorate/looks/a21525630/terrazzo-interior-design-trend/), so you can count on it to be around for a few more years. 


Terrazzo Tile Pattern - Not Just for Floors Anymore_House Beautiful terrazzo

Terrazzo Pattern in Home Decor

So you love and want terrazzo but you're not ready to commit to tearing out all your floors and countertops?  😂 I have an easy solution for you – use it in the soft decorations in your home!   Pick a room that could use some updating with a fun, abstract pattern, such as the living room with the teal velvet chair you couldn’t live without, or your daughter’s room that has blush pink all over.  Add these colorful pillow covers to a solid color decor and you have instant terrazzo!

Hidden Blessings Decor terrazzo square pillow cover design by Holli Zollinger

Blush pink linen lumbar with terrazzo square pillow cover

Mustard and gray terrazzo pillow cover

Terrazzo Pattern in Gifts

I love terrazzo so much I wanted to incorporate it into these fun cosmetic and accessory bags.  Each bag has the terrazzo pattern on either the outside or inside as a lining, partnered with Jaclyn Smith blush pink linen fabric. Remember, too, that every one of my items comes with a “hidden blessing” – a tag with God’s Word hidden inside! 


Hidden Blessings Decor terrazzo large cosmetics bag


Hidden Blessings Decor terrazzo and blush pink large accessories bag

Hidden Blessings Decor terrazzo and blush pink small cosmetics bag

Hidden Blessings Decor terrazzo and blush pink accessories bag tag

Since the Terrazzo pattern is here to stay for a while, you can be on the cutting edge of this style trend!  When you order, be sure to post and tag me on Instagram , Facebook or Pinterest for the chance to be featured in a customer highlight blog post in January!  I hope you fall in love with this pattern as much as I have!

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