Top Trends in Christmas Home Decor for 2020

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Divine Christmas

Before the start of Christmas in 2020, we don’t need to think too early about Christmas. We can look back at how Christmas considered the creation of the theme and how it was decorated in previous years. Today we will take a look at some of the current trends in Christmas home decoration!

In Decorator’s Warehouse, although everyone is still picking Christmas gifts and is deeply involved in the festive decoration and entertainment, we will participate in the market and curatorial activities next year! We love our role as industry experts and are very happy to see how customers react to the new look!

Without further ado, here are the main trends of Christmas home decoration in 2020!

1.) Navy color-Pantone color for 2020 is classic blue. As you can see in furniture, accessories, paint, and even Christmas decorations, this color has had a significant impact on the home decoration industry! Navy colors can be perfectly matched with a variety of colors, including white and/or silver, gold, platinum/champagne, blush and even red. If you have navy decorations in your home, then please consider incorporating navy colors into your holiday decorations!

2.) Platinum-Platinum has now become the neutral choice in the industry! This hue is somewhere between silver and gold, and tends to be softer.
The elegant accent can be matched with almost any color-red, navy blue, blush, taupe, black and many other colors. Combine it with ivory or flocking trees to get a beautiful and gorgeous appearance. You can include it in the wilderness theme to create a rustic elegance. You can’t go wrong with adding platinum to the tree!

3.) Metal-this interesting element is very suitable for cheering on your holiday. Consider the large and oversized Jingle Bells, table fragments and tin decorations. You feel brave enough? There is no way to add some large works on the Christmas tree? Then you can consider doing a mixed metal theme, just focus on the three elements of gold, silver and platinum.

4.) Buffalo Check-This trend is not completely new, because Buffalo Check plaid is just a good choice during the holidays! You can find items in red and black or white and black. For beginners, you can pair burlap with white and black buffalo branches.

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Christmas Mantel

5.) Gingerbread-Gingerbread man and house are classics of Christmas, but this year you will see playful crayons and interesting colors come back in fashion-this is a new acceptance of the old collection. Think about cupcakes, ice cream cones, marshmallows and all the delicious desserts, they will make your Christmas decoration sweeter.

6.) Nutcracker-this is one of our favorite new trends in Christmas decoration ideas for 2020! The Nutcracker theme has whimsical elegance because it combines interesting colors of red, green, gold and navy blue. Consider putting the nutcracker in the tree, or bringing in a playful checkered cloth or nutcracker ribbon. This look will surely inspire the dreamy sugar plum fairy and the bright Christmas party image.

7.) Farmhouse-The farmhouse trend has always been very strong and will definitely cause a wave of nostalgia during Christmas. The elements of the farmhouse include comfortable grid patterns, rustic details such as berries, natural wood, and even old metal. This trend can include a more neutral palette or full of bright red berries.

8.) Neutral decoration-neutral color palettes have always been very popular. As home decoration trends include soft gray tones, white and gray, some neutral color schemes should also be adopted in Christmas decorations. The most popular appearances are soft gorgeous colors or rustic woodland appearances.

The 8 trends mentioned above are the main trends of Christmas home decoration in 2020! You can see these appearances from the living room to the wrapping paper patterns and Christmas stockings. We took you to participate in all kinds of Christmas fun, experience new classic colors to elegant platinum, comfortable farmhouse elements and whimsical pastels, and then to the final neutral appearance. What is your favorite trend?

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